Optimize Mozilla Firefox for Maximum Privacy

How to Optimize Mozilla Firefox for Maximum Privacy?

Firefox comes with brawny features to forbid you from being chased online, but they aren’t on by default. We’ll explain you how to take charge of your secrecy online with Firefox’s choices. Firefox as well has few features that transmit personal information to Mozilla and Google, but these features aren’t mandate. Mozilla and Google utilize the data to better Firefox, furnish you with look up hints and impede harmful web pages.

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Do Not Track

Firefox can transmit a do-not-track request when you link up to a website, seeking permission to the website not to keep a check on you. It’s disabled by default, so you’ll have to enable it by your own.

Enable DO not Track on Firefox

Click the Firefox menu, choose Options and click the Privacy icon. Click the “Tell websites I do not want to be tracked” check box at the top of the privacy pane to enable the do-not-track feature. Regrettably, some websites abide your do-not-track predilection at the instance.

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Do not track is also present in Internet Explorer 9 and Apple Safari, but it’s perceptibly lacking in Google Chrome.

Disabling Show Suggestions

Firefox transmits each letter you type in its search box to your default search engine, which transmits search hints back to you. You can simply disable search hints by right-clicking the search box and un-checking the Show Suggestions check box.

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Safe Browsing

phishing websites

Firefox utilizes the same phishing and malware catching technology detected in Google Chrome. Just like Chrome, Firefox automatically downloads an newer list of harmful websites from Google each 30 minutes. If you attempt to view one of these websites, Firefox transmits contacts Google to affirm that the website is harmful.


It shouldn’t be potential for Google to find out the precise website you attempted to browse, but Google cookies you possess on your computer might also be sent out. Phishing and malware catching helps secure your personal data and your computer’s security, but you can disenable it by utilizing the choices on the security pane.

Firefox Privacy tab : Disable Third Party cookies

Firefox will

Choose the “Firefox will” box on the privacy pane and select “Use Custom Settings for History” to see Firefox’s cookie options.

disable accepting thir party cookies

Several advertising networks go after you across numerous websites with third-party cookies. You can disable these cookies by un-checking the Accept third-party cookies check box. This might induce issues with few websites, so you might have to re-enable this check box.

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Clear history when Firefox closes

First-party cookies can be used for keeping track, too. Many websites would not even function properly if you disable cookies completely, but you can have Firefox automatically crystalize them every time you shut down your browser. This forbids websites from constructing up a profile of you throughout time, but you’ll have to log into any open websites every time you re-open Firefox. Just enable the “Clear history when Firefox closes” check box and choose the Settings button.

clear cookies on exit firefox

Select Cookies and any other type of data you want Firefox to automatically remove, and then click OK.

Disable Sending Crash Reports and Performance Data

Firefox can broadcast crash and performance studies to Mozilla. Mozilla utilizes these reports to mend issues and aid meliorate Firefox.


The Submit crash reports check box present on the advanced pane takes charge of the crash reports feature. Firefox never broadcasts crash reports automatically; it always asks you before sending. You’ll yet see the prompt box if you un-check this check box, but the crash report dialog will default to not divvying up any data with Mozilla.

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