OuterNet- Future for the internet technology to the earth by LEO Satellites

OuterNet- Future for the internet technology to the earth by LEO Satellites

The word ‘impossible’ is either non-existent or it is derogatory for these scientists who put forward challenging and outstanding projects everyday. OUTERNET is such a project by Media Development Investment Fund that would blend satellite communication and Internet technology to provide seamless internet or WiFi access to every user on earth irrespective of place. OUTERNET is aiming to launch an appreciable number of Lower earth orbital satellites by June 2015 with an objective to provide global free online access to the earth.

OuterNet- Future for the internet technology to the earth by LEO Satellites

Citizens of countries like China and North Korea having censored online activity can avail free and unrestricted cyberspace. The satellites launched will be of miniature size and is called cubesats and a technique known as User Datagram Protocol (UDP) multitasking will be used, which is the sharing of data between users on a network, Outernet will beam information to users.

According to the Outernet team still now 60% of the global population is deprived of the ocean of knowledge found in the internet and Outernet will show a new era of modernization.

OuterNet is coming

Let’s see what the team leads say abiyt this.’ We have a very solid understand of the costs involved, as well as experience working on numerous spacecraft,’ said Project Lead of Outernet Syed Karim, who fielded some questions on Reddit.

‘There isn’t a lot of raw research that is being done here; much of what is being described has already been proven by other small satellite programs and experiments.

There’s really nothing that is technically impossible to this’
But when asked that telecom operators may raise objection and shut down the project, Karim said: ‘We will fight… and win.’

Several questions is running in our minds. If Outernet is going to broadcast information does it imply that we won’t be able to send information via emails and chats? Whether sending information would be achieved by conventional method and satcom only for retrieving information? All these questions will be answered with time as they work out the challenge.

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