The Cleaner Android App

Speed up your Android phone with The Cleaner

Our smartphones are loaded with data in every passing day and a time comes when it runs short of memory but we still need to download some important updates or documents. We end up searching for images, music and videos and delete them reluctantly. This has become a common scenario in our life but we have no other way out. The Cleaner has appeared as a savior to our Android devices.

Speed up your Android phone with The Cleaner

The Cleaner is a free software available at Play Store that removes redundant files and clears up your RAM storage thus increasing the speed of your Android device. When a particular app is upgraded to a newer version, then the source code is completely re- written improve. This app is very useful in killing redundant background tasks and pacing up the device RAM to work faster. It removes the junk files like apk, cache at the same time preventing the battery from dying out quickly.

 The Cleaner Storage and Memory Cleaner for Android

The app is 808 Kb size and occupies a very small portion of your storage. After installing the app, when you open it, the app will suggest you to Analyze apps and services as shown below.

After you tap on Analyze, the app would take some time in analyzing and till then you will see Thinking.

Next you will see all the lists of removable memory from different apps. Tap Clean.
The The Cleaner is a potentially powerful application which has received 4.1 stars out of 5 in Play Store.

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