How To Record Your iPhone Screen On OS X?
How To Record Your iPhone Screen On OS X?

How To Record Your iPhone Screen On OS X?

Recording an iPhone screen is not an easy task unless you own a Macbook. There are several methods of recording iPhone screen especially if you are dealing with a jailbroken device. Then also, the screen recording experience is not so smooth. So the best and the easiest way is to record your iPhone or iPad screen by deploying the QuickTime Player of your Macbook. the following tutorial will help you through the steps.


  1. Connect you iPhone to your Mac via the lightening cable, that comes with the charger.
  2. Next, Launch the QuickTime Player app. Go to File and select New Movie Recording.

new movie recording

3. The video recorder will open. Notice that there is a drop down arrow just beside the Record icon. Click on it. Select your iPhone.

iPhone user

4. Your iPhone’s screen will now be displayed on the recorder.

screen recording


5. Tap on the recording button and record it.

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