How to root Sony Xperia Z1?

Rooting makes an high end android device faster, prettier, spacious and more customizable. All of these can be achieved but at the cost of void of warranty of the device. Yes, if you root your Android device you are going to loose the warranty over the device. Actually by rooting the device you violate many benchmarks set by the vendor for the particular device. After rooting you can over-clock the device, delete the
stock applications which cannot be removed otherwise, you can customize the UI of the device, you can install any Android OS that you want to. These things cannot be tolerated by any vendor, these are for experiment purpose, many users are there who like to do some experiment on their device’s so they need these tips.

Sony Xperia Z1 is one of the top tier device’s till date from Sony. They have stuffed it with the top quality specifications still if you want to root this device.

Steps to root Sony Xperia Z1

1. Download vroot from the given link.

2. Download it to your desktop.

3. Double click the executable file and install it.

4. After the installation is complete double click and start it.


5. Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.

6. This app is in Chinese but still if you do not understand chinese, click on the ROOT button that is visible to you.

7. This will do everything for you, after the rooting is complete you will get a confirmation message.

8. Your device is successfully rooted now.

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