ArChon Hack
ArChon Hack

Run Android apps on Chrome, Linux, Windows and OS X with ArChon Hack

Google has officially declared that now we can run Android Apps on Chrome OS device with ArChon Hack but the current implementation is a little disappointing. Firstly only a few apps can run and secondly you need Chrome OS in your desktops and laptops to do so. But a developer has managed to come up with a solution to both of the above mentioned problems. Vladikoff made ArChon, a customized version of the Android Runtime for Chrome, which loads up as a standard manual Chrome extension. The user then takes an Android APK file and runs it through a secondary program that will convert it into a file readable by ArChon. Each Android app is loaded into Chrome as a separate extension and it runs in non-Chrome OS as well. Vladikoff includes detailed instructions on GitHub, along with a test game for users to try out.

ArChon Hack

As of now, the ArChon is unstable, especially in non-Chrome OS. Any app that requires Google services is likely to crash. However, the system is impressive when it comes to light gaming. Now there is a possibility that Google may find a better solution for a wider Android-Chrome ecosystem. If nothing else, Google has got to be salivating at the chance to get all that extra functionality into its browser.

Check out the video:

Source- GitHub

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