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“Spot”!! Spot the Google’s latest Robot Dog

Boston Dynamics has showcased their latest robotic creation Spot, the Robot dog. For those who are not aware of the Boston Dynamics, it’s a company acquired by Google back in 2013 that builds and develops the robots. And now it means Google owns all the robotic creations by Boston Dynamics. Google has posted the videos of the agile Spot. Spot weighs 160 pounds lesser than 240 pounds BigDog, the best known quadruped robot designed to navigate rough terrain.

“Spot”!! Spot the Google’s latest Robot Dog

The electrically powered and hydraulic actuated Spot able to walk and climb across all sorts of terrains from a steep hill to a flight of stairs and it can even go for a jog at human pace. It navigates an office on its own and even heads outside. Spot can even slip and slide on ice and rough terrain without falling down. It has a built-in sensor on its head which helps it to navigate. The most interesting fact about this robot dog is, its self -stabilized. Spot is able to balance itself even after repeated attempts at trying to kick it to throw it off its balance as revealed by the videos posted. This robot struggling to stay upright after repeated attempts to kick brings the living thing essence in it.

Spot gains in practicality. Though it is unclear about Google or Boston Dynamic’s intention for Spot, it can eventually help with search and rescue operations, mapping, or accessing at any disaster zones, navigate its way in tight spots which is not easily accessible for other robots. Google and Boston Dynamics are hoping that it could be the team’s most capable development yet. Let’s wait for the glory of Spot!!!

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