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KickassTorrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure

KickassTorrents has gone back to its old home at and that site is safe to use, after .so registry had banned KickassTorrents domain, according to the domain’s Whois listing. TorrentFreak reports that KickassTorrents, one of the most popular torrent trackers that had most recently taken up residence at, is down after an apparent domain seizure.

KickassTorrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure

Last year alone, two huge bittorrent-related services were the target of international law enforcement actions. PopcornTime, the popular “Netflix for torrents” was briefly taken down and forced to relocate. Then back in November, the Pirate Bay’s servers in Sweden were seized. The site only just recently came back online following that raid. was seized by the .SO registry who also blacklisted the scam site, which is not affiliated with the KickassTorrents (KAT) team. It is likely that the registry acted following a complaint from copyright holders although this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

With millions of unique visitors per day KickassTorrents (KAT) is one the most used torrent sites on the Internet. The site’s popularity has made it a prime target for copyrights holders, many of whom would like to see the site taken offline. While KickassTorrents is down for the moment, it is expected that the site will move its operation to a new domain name later today, or revert back to

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  1. This might be a big loss to torrent users but it was the right thing to do to prevent copyright violation in the future.

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