Super Simple Sleep Timer Android Application

Have you ever fell asleep while listening to music on your android device?
I have several times so I suppose you have too. When you wake up and find that your device is still playing music you get irritated. It drains your battery rapidly as well as causes headache and disturbs your sleep.

Now we have a solution to this problem, kudos to Rob J, this person has developed an application that would stop or mute your music player when you are asleep. Seems impossible!! Its true.

It has a very simple mechanism, you have to download it to your android device and install it.

The name of the application is Super Simple Sleep Timer, it is the simplest android application that you can find, a single screen interface, no confusing links at all.
Super Simple Sleep Timer
Super Simple Sleep Timer gives you a choice of media application running on your device, you have to select the music player from that drop down. Suppose you have multiple music players installed on your device then this drop down comes handy, select the music player you want to stop.

Below the drop down you will find a Set Sleep Timer circular slider, simply slide that slider to the time after which you want your media application to stop, it ranges from 0 to 59 minutes. Let us suppose that 60 minutes are enough time to you to go to sleep.

The only problem is that this application will not be compatible with the older devices running on or below operating system Android Gingerbread. So please check whether your device is compatible or not.

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