Twitter is flooded with malicious tweets

Twitter is flooded with malicious tweets from compromised accounts

Facebook spam had been a reason of distress and constant embarrassment to us for a long time and now Twitter is the new victim. Over past 24 hours, Twitter has been auto-generating spam tweets that have created huge waves of spam tweets. These tweets are alleged to be generated by third party applications.

Twitter is flooded with malicious tweets from compromised accounts

The tweets are alleged to come from accounts linked to social image sharing website Thousands of users were affected and the same tweets later on started coming from Twitter for iPhone. Ars Technica first brought the news and in response to this spam tweets generation,’s president said, “We are definitely seeing some malicious activity which we have now blocked and are investigating further. Unfortunately I don’t have any other information I can share at this point.”

Spam mails were first known to have circulated via emails and now social networking sites are a greater victim of these malicious messages from compromised accounts. However has taken necessary actions and has since disabled Twitter logins and sharing to prevent further spam.

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