Pesticides Are Tormenting The Intelligence Of HoneyBees

Honeybees are cute, hard working and a bit scary too. But these are not the only attributes that define a honeybee. The most impressive feature is the conundrum hidden inside their incredible brain. The brains of honeybees and bumble bees are amazing creation of god. In such small creatures, the Almighty has packed immense intelligence, perseverance , discipline and the ability to work. But, as we always see, human activities are taking a toll on their intelligence.

pesticides are tormenting bees

Human beings are such creatures that have caused havoc to almost all living organisms as well as the earth for their own benefits. Excess  use of pesticides are causing damage to their brains. Bees have tough life and they spend humongous energy throughout the day They travel extensively, collect food, find their way back to the hive, organize their duties, and then finish it within deadline. Such tenacity and discipline are observed in ants only, other than bees.

Years of research on bees have unveiled many interesting facts about bees, using the proboscis extension assay. When a honeybee comes to taste the flower nectar, it starts to stick out its tongue and lick the delicious nectar from the flower. Uses of pesticides force them to consume pesticides unknowingly. Harry Siviter, a graduate student at Royal Holloway University of London, have studies multiple such cases. Bees had severe negative impact on their memory. Usually, bees have impeccable memory and they never repeat any flower or plant where they have already been. They change their preferences day to day, season to season. The intake of pesticides is making them fuzzy and dizzy. Their memory is getting distorted a bit.

When researchers were asked whether bees are completely intolerant to pesticides, the answer is yes. They cannot tolerate pesticides, but then, pesticides are big part of the industrial agriculture. Because of this, bees are ought to expose to pesticides. So, what can we do? Some regulations and rules need to be chalked out mentioning the amount of pesticides that can be used so that the integrity of bee colony is not lost.

Well, that can be confirmed only after the researches bear fruitful results.

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