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Windows Phone might support Android apps soon

Android smartphones are popular globally because of the extensive flexibility in the platform. On the other hand, Windows Phones even though ranking third in terms of smartphone market is still lagging behind by huge score. the main reason which has been figured out is the lack of support for different apps. To speak honestly, Windows Phone despite of its improved UI and Cortana is not gaining the deserved popularity because of the limited applications in Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone might support Android apps soon

With a vision to enhance the market, Microsoft is rumored to bring support for Android apps in Windows Phones. Previously we have seen similar actions from other companies as well. For eg, Blackberry provided Android apps side-loading support through its latest BlackBerry 10.3 operating system. On the other hand, Nokia had already launched an Android phone Nokia X. Both Nokia X and XL failed miserably to make even a faint mark on the smartphone market. Windows Phone smartphones are flourishing gradually but the progress had never been vigorous. However the sale accelerated with the introduction of Cortana which brought a great enhancement for the platform as a whole. Now, it’s to see how Windows play with Windows Phone Store as well as PlayStore.

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  1. I think it’s a very important innovation. I have a smartphone android but I was looking also for a smartphone that uses windows phone in order to see new apps, but I heard android is better so I decided to avoid this operative system.

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