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Apple to acquire Beats Audio for $3.2 billion

If the buzz goes true, then Apple will be accomplishing its single largest acquisition. The rumor is that Apple is all set to acquire Beats audio for a deal of $3.2 billion. The report has been revealed by Financial Times reports and it claims to be the largest acquisition Apple has ever made.

Apple to acquire Beats Audio for $3.2 billion

Beats Audio is a audio product company founded in the year 2008 by Dr. Dry. The company produces exquisite high end products like headphones, earphones, speakers and other accessories. Dr. Dry, a hip hop artist and Jimmy Lovine, music execute founded Beats Audio in joint venture.

Apple will not only acquire the product domain but also the Beats audio streaming service. So this clearly indicates that it will be a complement to iTunes service. But on the other hand Apple will possess a music service that is used by other platforms like Android and Windows.Previously HTC has 50.1 % stake of Beats Audio in its possession but in 2013 it sold all its shares.

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