Apple TV growth

Apple TV is the fastest growing product

Apple has a wide range of products but when it comes to TV, it was always a hobby for Apple as tge sale was nothing compared to the huge sale of phones comupters and tablets. However recent trends tell us that the hobby has been promoted to a favorite hobby in recent times and now Apple TV generated more than $1 billion in hardware and content sales last fiscal year. So the ascent is quite noticeable.

Apple TV is the fastest growing product

In a recent press conference Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “It’s a little more difficult to call it a hobby these days.”

Analyst Horace Dediu estimates that Apple has sold 28 million Apple TVs since the product debuted in 2007 compared to 8 million set-top boxes sold by its nearest competitor, Roku, since 2008. Apple is working hard on this arena focusing on the integration of Apple TVs with some cable television services in the United States.

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