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GOOGLE glass explorer edition available in US for $1500

The phenomenal Google glass passed the trial run successfully last month and now the Explorer edition is ready for a huge amount. Google glass is a wearable computer in the form of spectacles that offers extreme facilities that can amuse you. Some important glassware and Google features that are available are Strava Run, Navigation, Golf site, Send a message, Lynxfit and Google Play Music. You can use Glass in navigation purpose be it calculating your progress in race by Strava Run or improving your golf skill by using SwingByte. Translate words or capture a beautiful scenery using Glass, take the world on your stride.

GOOGLE glass explorer edition available in US for $1500

The explorer edition is out for a whopping price of $1500 but only in the United States. The consumer edition is yet to come. The glass has come in five different hues with some additional accessories such as custom frames or tinted lenses, cost $225 and $150 respectively, and a protective case. So US citizens can grab one if you want.

The consumer edition is yet to arrive. This means the current one is a beta version and the consumer edition will bring lot of new features and bug fixes. Moreover it is often seen that the consumer edition has less cost. Unless you are too impatient we recommend you to wait till the consumer edition arrives.

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