How to Choose Fonts When Designing a Website?

Web design is vital to making a good website experience for your users, every website design aspect could have a tremendous effect on the site’s usability, and the proper font selection is an aspect frequently overlooked by web designers all around the world, even though it is a crucial part of each website and something that should be utilized as best as possible. Just take a moment and think of all the different fonts used on the World Wide Web. Think about the bold text blocks, large headlines, relatively small body text, etc. You will quickly conclude that this is more than just some nominal part of web design – it is the perfect mix of science and art.

Although it’s been a while since the Internet has got its reins of data distribution and availability, proper typography is just as crucial today as it has been in the past. Business owners must explore and understand the importance of the appropriate font choice in their web design projects. It may be best to partner with experts like those on this list of web designers to make sure that the key aspects of font choice for websites are considered.

Define the Website’s Mood and Purpose

As you probably know, every font has its own unique characteristics.  When choosing a font, you have to decide what you want your website to convey. Will it be cheery and lighthearted or should it come across as practical and professional? Possibly, you want to communicate different moods depending on the content within a specific section. 

The best way to choose your font is to follow the theme of the site’s content and your targeted audience. Using the same font throughout your site might become tedious but it’s important to find a nice balance between your classic fonts and a combination of contemporary, trendy, and, pleasing to set the mood you are looking for.


You should consider your body text order and choose a font that is not super modern but has a touch of formality while making sure it’s easy for your audience to read. You can add a little character to your content just do not go overboard. Do not use super unique fonts for endless blocks of text.  If you want to have the content stand out from the crowd, consider a classic font that is a little subdued so it won’t eclipse your content.

When considering banners, test bites, and headings, you can be a little more creative in choosing the fonts. Just keep in mind, your audience might only have certain fonts on their computers and those available for their browsers. If you want your new-found font to look the way it should on any device, you might have to convert them to graphics or get them from a web font service.

Decide if You Should Experiment or Maintain the Standard Approach

At some point, you will accumulate a nice collection of fonts that work really well for you. 

Your font collection might be from FontShop’s extensive list or from what you have chosen based on your own experiences. Building a good list is essential down the road when you need them, as nothing else seems to work. There are certain fonts that are very popular because they are reliable, versatile, and strong.  We all have trusted fonts that serve as a safety net when the latest, trendy font you downloaded from a font site just doesn’t cut it.

There are times you cannot play it safe. Climb out on that limb, try a new font and see what you think, you might be pleasantly surprised. You might just find that unique font that is versatile to add to your own impressive font list. Even though everyone has access to lists of popular fonts, only great designers have the skills and knowledge to use a new, unorthodox font successfully!

Should You Follow the Rules or Break Them?

In the end, the best-laid plans don’t always work out. Everyone uses content to express the written word effectively.   If your plan means using a particular font across your entire site, or apply a variety of fonts together, then you should go for it. You can usually tell if your imagination is fickle and needs to be carefully altered.  When you are knowledgeable about the content and familiar with the practices and rules, will you be in a position to break the rules by creating something new and enticing?  You can approach typography methodically and instinctively because there are no set rules, just some guidelines. Therefore, you need to know your basics before you can move ahead creatively.


How you choose your fonts for your website design projects will have a considerable impact on the way your site performs in the long run. Read through the things described in this article and think about the ways to carry them out in your own design projects. Implement these efficient and practical tips, and you can be sure that they will make a positive impact on any website.

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