How to restore deleted Google contacts?
How to restore deleted Google contacts?

How to restore deleted Google Contacts?

Nowadays all smartphones sync contacts using the registered email accounts. For example if you are using an Android handset, then you need to have atleast one Gmail account in order to sign in to the device. Your contacts can be saved to Google Contacts instead of the Phone memory so that you can access them anywhere anytime. The Google Contacts then stores all your phone numbers and mail contacts in it. If any contact is deleted by mistake, then is the contact lost forever? The answer is No if you have Google account. Google has included a method to restore the deleted contacts. You can check out how to restore deleted contacts in Google Contacts.

Steps to restore deleted Google Contacts

1. Open Google Contacts here.

2. Now in the right panel, you will find several options like Frequently Contacted, Groups, Circles etc. Click on More.


3. Now select Restore Contacts from the drop down box.

Restore contacts

4. Your lost contacts will be restored.

Restore updated

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