How To Use The Status Feature in WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp had intriduced the Snapchat like Story concept under the name Status few months ago. the feature, initially considered as a copy of Snapchat, has been accepted finally by users. The feature is undoubtedly a great platform o sharing your thoughts, images with only those close to your heart. However, users had a grudge against WhatsApp for not introducing this feature in WhatsApp Web for PC. Finally, the WhatsApp Status has been added to WhatsApp Web but users will not be impressed still. There is a number of restrictions in the feature as compared to the mobile versions.

Which are the things that WhatsApp Web Status Feature Cannot do?

  • It cannot upload new Status. you can just view your Status uploaded by your mobile. But WhatsApp Web doesn’t yet allow you to update new status.
  • It doesn’t let you delete your Status
  • It doesn’t allow you to check which friends of yours have viewed your Status
  • So, there are a lot of things that WhatsApp Web cannot do. You are already disappointed. Still, if you are willing to use the new feature on WhatsApp Web, check out this tutorial.

    Steps to use the Status Feature in WhatsApp Web

    1. After opening WhatsApp Web on your PC, click on the status icon as shown below. Read More.

    whatsapp web

    2. Now a black UI will appear. In the left panel, you’ll find you status detail and in the right panel you will find “View Your Update” with the images and videos updated by you. Now if you click on any status of your friends.

    status feature

    3. Now from the left pane, select any status of your friends. The status will open in full screen mode in the browser. There will be the reply panel just below the image/video. To reply, tap on the Reply panel.

    check view

    4. Type your reply and click on the outward Mail icon to send the reply.

    outward mail icon

    That’s all as of now. But we are potimistic that WhatsApp will soon add new features and make it fully functional just like its mobile counterpart.

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