Indoor Air Pollution: A Growing Menace

Indoor Air Pollution: A Growing Menace

Whenever someone speaks of air pollution, we generally refer to the exterior part of it that is environmental air pollution and rarely to the indoor air pollution. The following are some of the sources of indoor air pollution:

Cigarette Smoke:

The most common sources of indoor air pollution are these residual gas and particles from cigarette smoke that causes health hazards especially with lot of fabric and carpeted rooms with a high risk of affecting children and people with cardiac problems and lungs problem.

Household materials:

Chemicals, Deodorants, Candles, Incense sticks also causes indoor air pollution effecting people with asthma, bronchitis making it worse. Many people develop allergies from these while many develop irritations in their nose, eyes etc. Main sources are the smoke from candles, odour of many chemical substances including paints and all, dry cleaned garments where carcinogenic solvents are used, pollen, smoke from burning coal and so on.

Improper Ventilation System:

Although windows help in ventilating rooms but it’s not always possible due to adverse conditions in room. Absence of proper ventilators can increase levels of radon and carbon monoxide gas. Unchecked air filters, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems)  may make the air quality worse if they are not of the correct kind. HEPA(high-efficiency particulate arresting) air filters are must.

Ways of minimising problems:

Avoiding smoking indoors or quitting smoking for a lifetime is best, gas stoves must be ventilated, carpeting should be removed, shoes mustn’t be placed at doors, garbage must be covered to keep pests away, scented candles must be covered with a lid, water leakage must be repaired and so on.

If the above ways are followed, then a lot of problems causing many unwanted hindrance to our lifestyle can be curbed.  

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