Moto G5 S Plus Battery Icon Stuck At Same Level Bug: How To Fix It?

Moto G5 S Plus users has been complaining about a bug that the battery icon is stuck on a particular level. I have tested one Moto G5 S Plus. The phone battery icon was stuck at 12% and no matter how long I put the phone on charge, there was no solution at all. After 2-3 hours of charge, the battery level didn’t rise a bit. I performed the hard reset on the Moto G5 S Plus for 2-3 times, but nothing worked. First, it appeared as if the phone is not charging. But later, I found that the phone was charging, but it was the battery icon that was disrupted.

moto battery error

This is basically a bug that came with a security update. The details of the buggy update Build Number is NPSS26. 116-61.5 Android Security Patch Level 1 March 2018, Kernel version 3.18.31-perf-gde83f64-00058-g51dee08 hudsoncm@ilclbdld32 #1.

I tried for a resolution and finally succeeded. Here’s a simple way by which you can solve the issue.

1. Use the phone extensively so that the charge drops. You can watch videos on YouTube, or play games or perform operations that consume huge amount of charge.
2. You will not be able to understand if the charge is decreasing as the battery icon is stuck at the same battery level. So use it. Once it goes down below the level at which the battery icon is stuck, you will see the charge level is decreasing. Finally, let the charge go down and let the phone power off automatically.
3. When the phone is powered off, charge the phone again to 100%.

That’s all! Hope this process will help you too. If there are any issues or queries, let me know in the comments.

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