Never Teach Your Child To Underestimate a Homemaker

Whoever has money, has a voice, has power. It is bitterly true in every aspect of life and the importance of wealth is such in human life, that we often evaluate the importance of a person based on the earning he/she makes. While raising your child, you must always get positive thoughts in your child’s mind and evaluation of a person based on his/her financial position is definitely not one of them. 

What are the mistakes we commit as a parent in this case? 

We never teach our child wrong ideas. What we do is that we pass on our regressive mentality, that we had inherited from our elders, to our child. This goes on till eternity. Let’s admit our own mistake first!

1. We take for granted that a person or a parent, who stays at home to look for the family is not entitled to hold an opinion in important discussions of the family. 

2. We think a person who does not go out of the house to make a living, and stays at home and manages the house, are not an important asset to the family and thus s/he must take permission of the earning members before making a decision. 

3. We presume that homemaking does not need any skill, and anyone does it only when s/he has no quality to work in an office and is not left with any better option. Thus, we conclude that the homemaker does not know the importance of work, responsibility. 

4. We often say, a homemaker doesn’t understand the value of money because he/she doesn’t have to go out of home and work hard. 

5. If we see a homemaker excelling in a particular quality, such as stitching, cooking or knitting, we fail to appreciate it and we end up making judgmental comments that, it is very obvious because he/she never had to go to the office. This is what s/he has been doing all his/her life. 

How To Teach Your Child Not To Underestimate A Homemaker? 

We do not teach our children all these, but our mindset is reflected and imposed on them and they grow up learning, that it is okay to disrespect the effort of a homemaker. It is okay to ignore their existence. 

As a parent, I have figured out some lessons or explanations, that can counter the above mentioned mistakes committed by parents. 

1. A parent or a family member, who stays at home and looks after the family has an equal voice as any other earning member. If your wife is a homemaker and looking after your child, then do not encourage your child when he/she only and always comes to you asking for fees, or other monetary requirements and not to the mother. Tell him/her gently that you must consult with your mother in every matter because she is the one who looks after you. Always include a non-earning homemaking member in important family discussions. Demonstrate equality at home and not just on social media. 

2. If you are a working parent and your child makes a judgmental comment about another friend’s homemaker parent, do not smile and feel proud of yourself. Teach him/her that a homemaker has to work equally hard for the family and they deserve equal respect and appreciation. 

3. Always teach your child that homemaking is a choice that someone can make for his/her life. That does not define him/her to be useless. Just like a working person makes his/her life choice, so does a homemaker. 

4. Tell your child that a homemaker understands the value of money extremely well, because he/she is always hands on with all the basic amenities of our home and effortlessly manages the home.  

5. Teach your child that a homemaker has a better sense of responsibility than anyone else because he/she is always aware of the needs of the family and caters to them at the right time. It is only because of their extremely efficient management skill, we get everything from breakfast to dinner on time without any hassle. 

6. Don’t tell your child that a homemaker is excellent at a hobby because he/she never has to go out of the house. Always encourage your child to appreciate any skill set of a homemaker, and tell your child that despite having so much work to do, the member still finds time for herself/himself and explores the creative perspective of life. 

Create a positive environment for your child!

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