New iPhone 6 leak and Apple's WWDC announcement

New iPhone 6 leak and Apple’s WWDC announcement

WWDC of Apple has been focusing on software of Apple, on iOS 8 and an updated Mac OS X. WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference and hence we can be expecting an iPhone 6. Here comes a new video by Tech Smart. The much anticipated iPhone 6 and the iOS 8 being teamed up together and how it may present itself- come let’s have a look. Coming straight to the features that will probably be added.

The new iPhone 6 is rumored to have 4.7″ display screen. People prefers big screen for clarity of vision and where Android devices exist in glorious 5″ to 5.5″ screens, it’s time for Apple to deck up with big screens. Why not utilize the demands of the people? The video launched by Tech Smart says that despite of rumors of a 5.5″ screen for the iPhone 6 in the air, the 4.7″ display is the trusted news and the resolution will be 1704× 960. One important modification that was much needed for all the iPhones in line up is the reduction in thickness. The device is gonna be super thin to help people handle it with more ease. The outer display is rumored to be built of sapphire which means that the phones will be sturdy yet slim.

Although Apple has its own counterpart of NFC, but we hear NFC will be coming with iPhone 6. The camera is 8 Mp. Now coming to iOS 8 that will be coming with iPhone 6. The iOS 8 is not expected to make any major remarkable change but some important tweaks and modifications will be there.

But all news is based on leaks and hints. So we are not sure. Apple may surprise you although. But one app that will come is the HealthBook that makes you take care of your heart rate, blood pressure, hydration of body and many other cool stuffs. Apple has a lot of scope to modify. The new version may remove some applications from its default list that most people do not even open or may be they keep it by default and allow us to delete if not required. The less the disappointment the more the love for the OS. Another one in the wishlist is the multi-window that allows us to open two windows at a time. The feature should be elegant stylish, just the Apple way.

An important addition will be the HD audio that would come coupled with excellent speakers. So this is what we got to know about iPhone 6. We will keep you updated with more bits about the revolutionary smartphone .

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