Floating Draw

Note anywhere on your Android screen with Floating Draw

If you frequently discover the demand to scratch something on your Android screen on a daily basis, be it using a stylus or touch actions, you would in all likelihood have utilized BaroMemo at some instance. It is a tiny application through which users can easily portray and write something on their display using geometrical figures and a pen tool, and after that take a screenshot if really important. If you’re in search of a substitute to BaroMemo, or a likewise app that would seamlessly allow you draw anything on your Android screen for any intention, Floating Draw is really worth giving a try. This highly nitty-gritty app offers you with an on-screen drawing tools usable instantly from the Notification tab. A product like this can arrive particularly very useful if you require to spotlight some places of your screen or include few notes to it to make things understandable further, before divvying up the screenshot with other users instantly or via social media.

The main motto of Floating Draw is to offer customers a simple manner of depicting anything, at any place on their Android screen, at any point of time. You can note down few notes, draw shapes, indicate towards particular items etc., by using this robust app. When you start it from the Notification tab, Floating Draw includes its vertical toolbar-like UI on the left side of the display, permitting you to instantly commence the drawing process onto your home screen or any kind of on-screen data, which also includes full-screen apps. You can also occupy the entire screen or only a portion of it along with the Fill tool.

Floating Draw allows you to draw some different geometrical shapes which includes square, circle, triangle and line. To choose the shape that you intend to draw, just click ‘Shapes’ from the panel, after which by selecting the one you demand from the display that follows up. The drawing manner is also quite simple; choose the drawing tool, touch and hold over your demanded area, and then place the finger in the way you want to draw.

You can also undo any incidental alterations instantly with the Undo and Redo buttons. The color of shapes or lines can also be altered by using the in-built color picker. You can manage the depth of the color, and also the size of the pen by using a tiny slider.

Floating Draw does not have any specific prerequisites and functions fairly good on all devices having version of Android 2.1 and above. Testing has been done on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
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