Best Android Music Players

10 Best Android Music Players so far

Long time ago when the stock Android music player was just acceptable at the most. Luckily, it didn’t consume time for go-getting developers and audio-freaks to pile up a vast range of music player applications, each with their own characteristic features and their own unparalleled command on UI. Here we present 10 of our most used Android music apps.

best android music players

Google Play Music

The music app present from 4.1 Jellybean onwards by default, Google Play Music is surely an escalated one from the former Android music player. The app features primary player services, arrangement by album, artist, and track, and also an equalizer is there, but that’s not the end of the deal of this app. Google Play Music constructs cloud streaming playback, permitting users to upload their respective music library to Google’s cloud facility where it can be steamed on service basis.


Poweramp is a feature-satiated Android player usable for free for a 15-day trial period, attached a $3.99 upgrade to the full edition. The app comes with a support for a vast rabge of audio formats, a 10-band graphic equalizer, facility for lyrics, .cue files, and several playlist formats. A tag editor, instant library lookup, home and lock screen widgets nad much more.


WinAmp offers a concrete music player feel, with simple playlist management facility, browsing by artist, album, or track. It also provides simple usage synchronization alternatives with the WinAmp desktop player, and also the choice for WiFi syncing that gets rid of the necessity to plug in. The only blazing absence is the absence of an in-built equalizer, which is packaged with the Pro version.


MixZing is a wise music player that attempts to unriddle what you wish listening to, and then sorts its playlists to escalate tracks you like to the top position automatically. Just play an audio track, and then MixZing commences to excavate through your library for audio tracks by likewise artists, genres etc, and automatically produces a playlist of recommended songs. As you include or delete tracks, the app also calibrates its recommendations according to your selections.

Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player is a net and simple music player that combines few concrete services, also in its free edition. The app shows a Holo-style UI that is neat, which at the first-impression looks arrant, but nearly never restricts the manner of performing its responsibility i.e: playing good music. Primary player service, an in-built equalizer, library lookup and management shortcuts as well as home and lock screen widgets are among the free offerings.

Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player wishes to portray itself as a pro music player for recognizing audio freaks, and it also totally backs up that statement up with a great load of audio tweaks, settings, and functionalists. Apart from support for a large range of audio formats, Neutron Music Player also arrives packaged with several DSP settings for objects like surround sound, cross feed and grumble filtering.


n7player displays an out-of-box UI for exploring through and browsing your music collection. The player offers your matter as a surged out collection of tag clouds, presenting artists or genres. Gesture browsing then allows you move in on a tag to preview a huge collection of album arts, proving the music player an awesome spacial element. Apart from the unparalleled UI, n7player is also an adequate audio player with a 5-band equalizer, environmental settings, bass booster, and environment sound visualization.


PlayerPro is a functionality-bundled media player charged with several alternatives and settings to alter your listening feel to just how you want it. Some features like Easy library search and sorting by artist, album or folder fuse in a nice manner with a in-built tag editor, while a greater visual album art collection space offers an awesome motion scrolling experience. A in-built 5-band equalizer with reverb, bass booster, and audio pre-settings offers you some hard and instant music configurations.


oubleTwist music player surpasses for its easy and seamless syncing among your desktop and your device. The doubleTwist desktop app offers an iTunes-like UI that looks for and sorts your music and then permits you to plug in and synchronize a particular device with the help of the Android app, thereby making it for fast and easy syncing.

Amazon MP3

The Amazon MP3 app is a quite a severe music player whose real title to popularity is entree to the mighty Amazon marketplace and cloud steaming. Amazon MP3 is a bi-fold app with a basic music player and a store entry also. The splendidness commences when you start to take real usage of the cloud player, which allows you to upload your music as well as any Amazon music buys to the cloud.

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