PicsArt picture studio for Android

PicsArt – The Best Free Picture and Art Studio for Android

Pics Art photo studio is an amazing place to flaunt your art and appreciate the beauty of art. Very few software applications are available in market that provides so much for free and PicsArt is one such application. It is available for Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. The application is a photo editor with a large number of editing options plus a drawing and painting software. Besides all these, it provides one of the largest online galleries where you can post your paintings and photographs and take part in competitions and contest in a global platform with over 60 million users. In the next paragraph a more vivid description is being given.

This application comes with 8 sections.


This section constitutes the profile and settings, your personal photo galleries and your acquaintances. Just like other social networks you can follow people to get updates on their artwork and get notified with their actions. Likewise you can be followed by others who are interested in your profile. Memboxes, log out options are also available.

PicsArt Me


The home section is your main field where you can play with colors and edit photos and make beautiful creations. The topmost section in Home displays the current news and tutorial sections that are posted in the PicsArt website. The other sections are Effect, Camera, Collage, Draw, Photo, Shop, PicsArt Kaleidoscope, PicsArtGoo, PicsArt for kids.

PicsArt home

1. Effect:

Effect lets you edit your images or drawing with a pool of available cool effects. The effects includes Fx which consists of beautiful effects like Cross Process, Twilight, Warm Color, Light Cross, Vignetter, orton, Lomo, Vintagr, different moods of Black and White, Sepia, Blur, Soft, and various shades of HDR. Thus you can imagine how beautifully you can personalize your precious moments.

PicsArt Effects

Clicking on the plus sign provides you to the gate way of some more beautiful effects. You can apply paint effects by using Artistic effects. The Artistic effects of PicsArt are Posterizing, Halftone dots, Motion Blur, Old paper, Gouache, pastel, Comic, Neon glow, sketch, contour, oil and many more. You can blend on effect with other and becoming artist is not difficult anymore.

One of the most funniest kind of art is the Pop Art. Various shades and modes can color uo your mood. Paper Effects to bring back the retro look from a high resolution 21st century photograph to transforming an old photo to a new one with the Color adjustment and is all fun.
Some other effects include distortions, face corrections, rectifications of red yes blemishe and color splashes.

2. Camera

PicsArt camera has more hue than the normal mobile or tablet camera and produces some really brilliant pictures with brilliant colors.

3. Collage

Grids, Frames and backgrounds can be customized and made into collages. You can create beautiful collages with the photos of you anniversary and birthday without the need of an expert hand. Different sizes of collages can be made including those to fit the shoes of the Facebook cover photos. Different frames and themes are there to compliment the right occasion.

4. Photo

Photo options sets you to an area of some more editing features like Bokeh, Frames, Mirror effect, Cylindrical, cliparts, callouts, mirror effects and lot more.

5. Shop

Shop takes you to the Play Store or respective markets supported by your OS o install some more effects either free or with some price.

6. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope helps you design symmetrical designs especially concerning curved figures with effects of glass painting, neon glows, and snow flake designs.

PicsArt Kaleidoscope

7. PicsArt for Kids

PicsArt is fun for kids also. They can color, paint, solve little puzzles with this.

PicsArt for Kids

8. PicsArtGoo

It is about more pranks and fun than art. You can fool out your friends with these effects.

My Network

This section presents posts and updates of your acquaintances.

PicsArt My Network


Interesting pictures and paintings that are like by most users are displayed in the Interesting gallery.

PicsArt Interesting


Recent gallery as the name says uploads the recent works of users for you to view, like and comment on them.


This is an online contest where every weekend 2 contests are held, one painting and one photography. The topic is set by PicsArt. Everyone can participate and submit at most two art for each criteria. Winners are ranked and selected based on online voting of public. This contest shows real talents and colors in one single gallery, although the voting process is often biased and leads to wrong judgment. Yet, this platform is a global platform to find and meet people with love for Art.

PicsArt Contests


The art galleries contains millions and billions of artworks both paintings and photographs which can be categorized by the users based on the subject matter.

PicsArt Tags


You will always love to appreciate the art of Famous Artist and they deserve a separate sections to stand out of the crowd. This place is one such.

PicsArt Artists

PicsArt can make anyone become artists. But then also it suffers some flaws like you will always require a high speed internet to enjoy all the effects present. Data Consumption is comparatively more and background data usage is also a negative point. Overall this application has received positive response from almost all the users.

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