How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages from Android Devices without Rooting

One of the most popular chat applications across the globe is of course, the Facebook Messenger. Initially, there was not any dedicated application for Facebook because the messenger was totally integrated in the app. Not long after the Facebook android app was introduced, a dedicated Facebook Messenger made its debut on the Play Store.

What actually makes it different and unique from other messengers is, it is an awesome chat application with a swift user interface and multiple options. It’s usability is on the rise with every passing day because it retains every bit of information sent by the user. However, in any case your important messages get deleted, here we are going to teach you a few very important points to recover Facebook messages from android devices without rooting.

Recovering Deleted Facebook Messages from Android Device Without Rooting:

By far, one of the most effective ways to recover deleted Facebook messages is by restoring from backup. But, sometime it may not prove beneficial due to one or the other reason. Sometimes users need to root their android devices to recover the messages which is again, a very hectic process and is not easily understandable to every android user.

Our next method has proven to be the most efficient, durable and a reliable way to get your deleted messages back. Ever wondered there’d be such a mindblowing software suite which will recover your messages within a few minutes just in a matter of few clicks? Well, to put an end to your curiosity, let’s present Dr.Fone. It’s a complete set of desktop application which will put an end to your data, messages, contacts, images recovery miseries and will quickly load up your memory by restoring what you’ve lost. Though it has been developed to recover deleted material from every kind of phone but here, we will be teaching you tips and tricks in which Dr.Fone will prove worthy in android data recovery.

Steps to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages Using Dr.Fone:

You need not to suffer from any kind of data loss because Dr.Fone is here to save your day! Follow the steps ahead and recover every kind of lost content using our awesome recovery tool.

Step 1: Accessories to Collect

  • Quality USB Cable.
  • Android Phone.
  • Extension Cord.
  • Desktop PC.
  • Stable Internet Connection.

Step 2: Install Dr.Fone

Plug-in your android cell phone’s charger in the extension cord and never let the battery drain off from your cell phone. It will disrupt the whole recovery process. Download and install Dr.Fone. Once it has been installed, launch the .exe file and the following screen will appear:

dr fone

Step 3: Connect Your Phone to PC

Now you should connect your android phone to your PC via USB cable. Once connected, you need to make sure that USB Debugging Mode is “ON”. To make sure whether or not it is already turned on, you can quickly move to settings and check it out. Right after your device is connected with your PC, you will see the following screen on your desktop screen:

dr fone

Step 4: Select Your Desired Recovery Option

You can see various types of recoveries which are being offered by Dr.Fone. Here, you need to select the “messaging” option because it will help in recovering your deleted Facebook messages. Once you have clicked it, the system will ask whether you want to scan for specific deleted files/messages or all kinds of deleted files/messages.

dr fone

Step 5: Device Analysis

Once you have clicked “next” from the above screen, you will come across another screen which will analyse your device for all kinds of potential threats or spams. Once the analysis is complete, the recovery process will begin.

dr fone

Step 6: Be Patient Till Facebook Messages Recovery is Complete

Android data recovery demands nothing but a little bit of calmness from the user. Before you make any further move, we encourage you to be patient during the entire recovery process. If you do something with your phone during recovery, there is a strict chance that you may not be able to recover anything from your device ever again.

Once recovered, you will see the following screen from where you can easily select the “messages” and can enjoy reading them again without even rooting your android device!

dr fone

Final Word:

Dr.Fone is a day-saver and you will be astonished to explore the rest of its features. You can now enjoy recovering deleted Facebook messages from android device without rooting and without facing any kind of technical constraint.  

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