The Process Of Microblading Of Eyebrows Explained In Simple Steps


Microblading in makeup is the next big thing in the world of makeup technologies. Microblading is a version of tattooing your eyebrows where the beauty doctor draws hairlike superficial marks on your eyebrows that resemble your eyebrow hair totally. The difference with a traditional tattoo is that microblading is done with the help of hand held blade like tools and the effect is semi permanent, that is, it lasts for 3-4 years. You can read the basics about microblading here.

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Many women as well as men are extremely interested in knowing about microblading. If you search Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, you will be flooded with videos on eyebrows microblading but the process is not clearly explained. In this article, I shall explain it in the easiest possible ways.

  1. No matter if you have sparse eyebrows or uneven shaped eyebrows, the first thing the microblading expert do is to consult with you on your preferred shapes, thickness and density. The expert will give her/his ideas and suggest what would look best on you.
  2. Next, the microblading expert threads your eyebrows and removes the extra hairs from your foreheads and from your eye crease.
  3. The next step is local anesthesia of your eyebrow area by application of a topical ointment. Since, the numbing process is done with the help of ointment, it takes a long time of 40-45 minutes. During this time you have to select the color you want for your brows and wait patiently.
  4. When the area is completely senseless, the expert cleans the ointment and starts measuring and marking with the tools.                                                            
  5. Next, the expert starts with the actual process. There are microblades of different thickness, sizes and for different purposes. The actual process is done by making cut marks but very lightly. The cut marks are very thin and resembles actual hair of your brows. When the expert cuts with the blades, a pigment is also entered on the surface of your skin. If the process is long, that is your coverage is large, then you might require reapplication of the topical ointment for numbing certain areas.
  6. After that a final layer of pigment is applied and kept for 5 minutes. It looks like hair dye, but it is for your microblades brows. The pigment is intruded into the cuts and gets absorbed by your skin.
  7. The pigment is wiped off and it is done.
  8. The microbladed eyebrows undergo several natural changes such as, the brows may become dark, and then become flaky and fade out. Don’t panic. The natural beautiful looking brows will automatically be achieved in 6-8 weeks.
  9. After that, you need to schedule an appointment with your microblade expert for a follow up session.
Work done by Suman Jalaf Microblade Expert
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