How to Update Text Status in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has also introduced the Status feature which is similar to the Story feature of Snapchat. The Facebook owned company has taken after several Snapchat features and status is one of the most prominent features. The company has now ameliorated the Status menu and added more and more customization options. Initially, it only allowed you to update picture and 30 second video clips but now it enables you to edit the images with filters, smileys and texts, you can separately add text Status update just like Facebook. The text Status of WhatsApp can be customized too! Most WhatsApp users are well accustomed to all these status update processes. But in this article I shall share a brief guide on updating a text status on WhatsApp for new and novice users. Check it out.

1. Open your WhatsApp application. Go to the Status tab. The Status tab is just to the right of the Chat tab.

text status on WhatsApp

2. Now tap on the pencil icon located at the bottom right corner of the WhatsApp app screen.

text status on whatsapp

3. Now type your message when the Text Status interface opnes. It shows the message “Type a Message”.

4. After typing, you can add emoji, change the font and also choose different background colors. The different font styles are only supported in English. You can type in different language but there will be a default font for those languages.

text status

5. After you have types your Status message, tap on the Send button. That’s all!

text status on whatsapp

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