Welcome Green Roofs In Summer For A Perfect Heat Busting

Summer season brings a lot of heatwaves, sweat and sickness, especially to tropical countries. You will be amazed to know that in extreme hot places, roads are so heated up that sandals melt while people walk on them. This is not a made up scoop but real incident from the state of Gujarat in India. Summer is also associated with heat strokes and many such bad things. Is Air conditioner the solution? Definitely no! It relieves you but contributes to global warming which is the main problem.

green roof

So what is an alternate solution? The answer is green roofs. Green Roofs are in season and the most happening way of heat busting. Green Roofs for healthy Crisis is a company that are adumbrating plans to blend greenery with architecture. Steven Peck is the founder of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. The main motto of the organization is to create an amalgamation of greenery along with concrete. The new architecture is referred to as vegetative technology.

Green roofs will replace the asphalt shingles, black cladding, or other materials of your roof tops. Green roofs are gorgeous, they are great source of oxygen and not only keeps out heat but also induces cooling agents like the soil, plants and water. Such roofs with balcony and narrow lanes through it, can make a recreational lawn at the top of your house or office. Plants will find a great way to absorb all the sunlight falling on them and you will have a sigh of relief.

“If you take this black roof and you cover it with a green roof, you’re eliminating a heating source, [and] you’re also introducing a cooling source,” Steven Peck says. The new concept will participate in eliminating the heat island effect. he also added, “They’re starting to create their own weather.”

Coming to cost, green roofs are a bit costly option, as of now. Engineers and researchers are working on finding a cost effective way to create green roofs. The present cost is $10 per square foot. Right now, a cost effective solution to combat heat to some extent is to paint your roofs with coats of white paint.


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