Android to get 3D Sensing Technology not before 2019: Apple way ahead of Time

A recent report from three major tech giants say that Apple is much ahead of its time when it comes to 3D face sensing technology of iPhones. The three companies Viavi Solutions, Inc, Finisar Corp, and Ams AG have mentioned that Android devices will take about 2 years in developing vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). The VCSEL is nothing but the 3D force sensing technology that is amazing the iPhone X users right now.

apple 3d sense technology

The main reason behind Android users not being able to bring 3D face sensing technology is that the capacity throughout the supply chain is not yet secured.

Bill Ong, senior director of investor relations from Viavi, also added that they might be introducing another handset maker into the development of 3D sensing by the end of this year. But the volume of products will be too low to satisfy Android users.

Craig Thompson, VP of new markets at Finisar, said:

“Each customer has their own adoption timeline and rollout plan, which we can’t discuss, but we expect the market opportunity for VCSEL technology to increase substantially in 2019.”

Moritz Gmeiner, head of investor relations at AMS, said his employers would have VCSEL technology ready next year too:

“As part of a combined external and internal VCSEL supply chain where an external volume production supply chain is available to us, we are currently building internel VCSEL production capacity in Singapore. I expect this capacity to be available for mass production next year.”

So, the Android users will have to wait a lot before getting 3D sensing techonology.

The 3D sensing technology looks as though it will be restricted to higher end devices for a while yet. According to Gartner, 40% of smartphones will ship with the technology by 2021, which, even then, leaves a majority out of the loop.

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