Does The Society Respond To Mental Illness As They Should?

mental illness

Mental illness is the most relevant health issue at present times. Owing to the enormous work pressure, emotional ups and downs and last, but not the least, environmental pollution, health have taken a backseat. While we are worried about physical health topics and we do everything needful to maintain our body fit, we neglect our mental health. Depression and mental health conditions have taken serious forms and this issue needs to be addressed with care and sincerity.

Does The Society Respond To Mental Illnes As They Should?

The answer is an unfortunate no. Very few people are aware of mental illness and others discard it right away.

Are You Ready To Accept?

Now, at least one individual in every household is a prey of depression. Depression and anxiety can happen for many reasons, it doesn’t matter. What counts the most is how it can be healed? The beginning step to curing depression is acceptance. We do not want to admit the fact that depression exists. We oftentimes suppose, it’s entirely in your head! No, depression is substantial, it exists, and it can as serious and equally irritating as any physical sickness. Thus, first accept depression and mental health conditions as real. Everyone must do that.

mental illness

Stop Calling Them Mad or Crazy!

This point is disheartening, but it is true. A individual with depression has to confront so many hurdles. Families and even parents do not want to believe them because, obviously, they cannot catch anything. Secondly, patient often denies going for treatment, because once people come to know about him/her, he/she is judged by the society. People refer to patients with depression with deleterious terms such as crazy, sick, stupid, mentally retarded, day dreamer, lazy, unsocial, talks to themselves, violent, brain defect, etc. You need to quit executing that!

The Society Isolates A Patient With Mental illness

The society is apathetic and indifferent to mental illness. They do not include depression patients in any important work, they keep distance from such patients. In a study performed by actress Deepika Padukone’s The Live Love, Laugh Foundation, based in India, it was set up that the general attitude towards patient with mental sickness is really disturbing.  People abstain from turning over responsibility to a person with mental illness. Sometimes, people fear to talk to or sit beside such patients. Many people have blatantly said that lack of ambition, discipline and will power cause depression. As a result of these, the patient becomes more isolated and fear to confront the real problem. The worst scenario is when the last resort to the patient becomes escaping from life by committing suicide.

social isolation

Social Inclusion Is Important

This is high time we handle this issue with responsibility. We have to be responsible towards this and the first stride is to believe that mental illness is also an illness and it can be cured by treatment. Other than medical treatment, the role of family, friends and society as a whole is inevitable. Whenever, you notice someone close to you, in a brooding and sad mood, you must speak to him/her and listen to them. If possible, give him/her your helping hands, offer to hold him to a therapist, convince their family around the importance of mental wellness. Social inclusion is very significant. Do not omit them from any obligation. Include them at every opportunity, in every work. Work with them, speak to them, spend time and do as much normally you can do, to get him/her comfortable and affectionate. Medical treatment is of utmost important. Treatment is complemented with counselling that anyone can do.

Be informed about mental illness and try to come out of the age-old social stigma attached to mental illness. Then alone we can bring change in many lives.

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