How to create Custom Vibrations On Your iPhone?

Create Custom Vibration

If you don't like iPhone's Phantom Vibration and if you think all available default vibration patters are not good enough for incoming calls and other notifications, you can simply create your own vibration patterns and it's really very simple. Follow the steps below to create Custom Vibrations On Your iPhone. Steps

Apple’s introduced new M7 motion sensing co-processor in iPhone 5S


With the launch of the iPhone 5S, Apple also revealed about its new motion sensing co-processor M7. It is the most awesome feature of the recently launched smartphone. Though the impact of its feature will be revealed only after the development of third party apps which makes use of its

7 things you’ll hate about the iPhone 5S

Apple Iphone 5S

Some people are under the impression that the iPhone 5S is the best ever made iPhone that Apple or for that matter be it anyone has ever produced. They may well be correct, but that does not intend that it is a complete package, and it surely doesn't mean that

Apple Unveils iPhone 5C, 5S

apple iphone 5s and 5c

Apple recently unveiled two latest versions of the iPhone 5 – 5C and 5S after rounds of speculations. The latest iPhones will sport a plastic body and an aluminium body for 5C and 5S respectively. While the iPhone 5C will have buyers to choose from 5 different colours – white,