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Xperia Z3 sudden death : how to start the phone again?

Sony Xperia Z3 has the sudden death issue and you may experience it anytime even if your phone battery has more than 90% charge. I have been using the Xperia Z3 for last three months and today for the first time I have experienced the issue.

What is Xperia Z3 sudden death issue?

If your Xperia Z3 device hits this bug, the device will suddenly turn off. If you try to power it ON, the phone will not start. When I faced this issue, I had pressed the power botton many times, but it was not fruitful. Even if you put the device on charging, still nothing will appear on screen and even it will not show the charging LED. I even tried to connect the device to computer, that too did not work. So basically, your phone will turn into a paperweight. Sony has already acknowledged that there is some power bug issue with some units of Xperia devices, but they have not confirmed if they are going to roll any fix for this or not.

Workaround for Xperia Z3 sudden death issue

A soft reboot may fix the issue so before taking your phone to Sony Service Center give it a try.

1. Put your Xperia Z3 on charging.
2. Press and hold Power Button and Volume Up (+) key for some time, untill you see the battery charging animation on screen (shown in below screenshot).

Xperia Z3 sudden death : how to start the phone again?

3. Before turning on the phone, let it be charged for some time.
4. Now turn ON the phone by pressing the power button.

It’s a workaround, it may fix the issue but does not guarantee that in future you will not face this issue again. If even after perfotming above steps your phone is not powering up, bring it to Sony Service center.

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22 thoughts on “Xperia Z3 sudden death : how to start the phone again?

  1. Thanks guys my phone works perfectly right now the only think what I can say about this fix is THANK YOU!!!!

  2. The same thing happened to me right now for the first time after owning the phone since it came out! Thank God I found this article and tried your solution, because it worked like a charm! THANK YOU! 🙂

    1. Same, I just about died myself! No Phone, arrrghhh. But its my first Sony, so I was going to kick off.. But all is good. Good job I found this site, cause Vodaphone were useless!

  3. Could I ask a question? I tried this hard reset method and my z3 compact vibrated and I tried to open using the power button, it opened the sony wolcome sign but turned off again is there a problem? my battery was at 70percent when I tried this.

      1. Not yet, supplier said to bring it to sony center then change the motherboard, is there really no other solution? I think they are just haggling me without even trying.

        1. I pressed the volume up+power key and it switched on after many tries but then it went off after a couple of hours. Im sending the phone back to the retailer since Ive got retailer warranty. Im not sure if its the motherboard or just a software issue

  4. I think I will send this link to Vodaphone, cause they knew nothing about what happened to my Sony Z3, good job google helped and gave me this link!

  5. Thanks Anik….. about to worry about my device…. good solution…. my geek came to life… thank you

  6. I have the same problem and I tried the above solution but did not work; I will take my Z3 to service center 🙁

  7. Thanks for this – it did work although it didn’t show the battery charging screen until I stopped holding the power button and volume, don’t know how it suddenly went from 4% to 19% charged though, very strange

  8. I’m hoping someone will help me. I have tried every single thing listed, nothing is bringing my phone back. It’s absolutely dead. When I do plug it into my wall charger or my PC, this is all it does: vibrates and then goes to the white SONY screen and immediately shuts off, cycles through those two steps exactly over and over. It will not charge, holding buttons in any order for as long as my fingers will take the pain does not work, battery has been removed and replaced numerous times, removed SD and SIM (got a new phone because I couldn’t be without a phone). PC will not recognize it so I could try an update through Sony’s program. Battery was at 73%, it briefly turned on and I tried to connect it to my computer to download what I needed off it, but it immediately shut off as I started to download. All I want is my personal SH*T off it that didn’t save onto my SD card then it can go in the trash. It has lasted me 31 months, but I did NOT expect this! I have old phones from as early as 2004 that still boot on! I’m so frustrated!

    1. The EXACT same thing is happening to me, although instead of the Sony screen, it flashes as if it’s going to charge. Then it immediately shuts off, vibrates, and repeats the process. I have never been more frustrated with a phone or had this many problems.

    2. Same here, same problem. Will not turn on no matter how many times and how long ive held the power and/ volume button. when i plug it in to charge, it vibrates onto the sony screen, but then dies, and then repeats. the buzzing sound every 5 seconds annoys me. I’ve had my phone for over 3 years now, and have accumulated songs and so many picture memories that could not fit onto my sd card. I just want my photos of my significant other and my songs that ive downloaded, then i can trash it.

  9. I have tried everything listed above to no avail. Someone please tell me what to do to get my phone working!! I love my phone!!

  10. Angie, mine is doing the same thing. Did you get yours to work? I can hold the power button and volume up for minutes and nothing. It’s fully charged; when I hook it up to the computer it pops up “SONY” and shows a full battery and then goes off again. ERRR. I’ve had for 3 years; I just want to get my stuff off of it and get another phone!

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