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Microsoft outdoes Facebook and Amazon in social power

Lithium ranks the social power of top tech giants and this time Microsoft had topped the list outdoing Amazon’s first position of last year. Amazon has twice as many followers Read more

Facebook to introduce new types of Like options very soon

Facebook is the biggest social networking medium right now and each and every day, we get to see new enhancements, new features and new settings. But there has not been Read more

Facebook legacy contact

Facebook has introduced the Legacy Contact which nominates a friend or a relative of a user to handle his/her account externally in case something happens to the user. If a Read more

Facebook replenished its Notes feature

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Facebook replenished its Notes feature

Do you remember the Notes feature of Facebook? Very few will say yes. Notes was a feature supported by Facebook that let users pen down their heart full of contents Read more

Harvard student lost Facebook internship for making a plug-in that could violate security of Messenger users

Harvard is the same place where Mark Zuckerberg started his legendary social networking site Facebook. This is the same place where an intern of Facebook developed a plug-in for the Read more

Facebook reportedly working on a standalone Breaking News app

Facebook is reportedly working on a standalone Breaking news app which aims to provide breaking news alerts to users. Facebook is making a strong competitor to Twitter with this app. Read more


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that as a special research project of, Facebook is ready with a solar power unmanned spacecraft named Aquila. The main motto of this Read more

Who Deleted Me on Facebook: Do you really care?

In the age of social networking , where you connect with so many people and have connected with so many friends (known or unknown), you are always curios about your Read more

Telepathy along with AI & VR: Facebook future

It’s almost impossible to find a person who is not on Facebook today! You find your friends, family, enemies, ex-lovers, or even strangers connected to you which indeed makes it Read more

Facebook Rainbow Pride profiles used by 26 million

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Facebook Rainbow Pride profiles used by 26 million

The United States Government has recently legalized gay and lesbian marriage in support of marriage equality. As the US citizens galore for the verdict by US Government, the Facebook Rainbow Read more