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Halo 5: Guardians Teaser revealed

Categories: News
Halo 5: Guardians Teaser revealed

Recently the countdown clock on the Halo 5: Guardians teaser Tumblr, ‘Hunt the Truth’ was revealed which goes on to show the marketing strategy for the upcoming sci-fi shooter in Read more

Microsoft: A take on Xbox vs Parents Problems

Categories: News, Social Media
Microsoft: A take on Xbox vs Parents Problems

Stories of parents discovering that their children have managed to rack up enormous bills on in-app purchases with Xbox or similar stuffs using their parent’s credit cards are not new. Read more

The giant PlayBox- consolidated Xbox One and PS4

Often we are inquisitive about which gaming console to choose between PS4 and Xbox One since both these devices are immensely lucrative. But our limited pocket size refrains us from Read more

Kim Dotcom resolved the PSN and Xbox Live outages caused by Lizard Squad

Microsoft and Sony had been fighting against the hack of their gaming services by Lizard Squad but failed to resolve the issue. Surprisingly Kim Dotcom, the owner of MegaUpload stopped Read more

Microsoft reportedly sold 721K Xbox One consoles on Black Friday week

Microsoft has been enthusiastically promoting the sale of Xbox One consoles for some time. this included a mammoth discount of $50 teamed up with freebies and other lucrative offers. Definitely Read more

Xbox One’s Exclusive Game: Sunset OverDrive

Categories: Gadgets
Overdrive sunset

Microsoft has posted a trailer for their upcoming live action game on Xbox One, Sunset OverDrive which they claim to be the best trailer of its kind to have been Read more

Halo Reach free for Xbox 360

Microsoft is trying to please its dedicated users with some great freebies. Users with Xbox 360 having Xbox Live Gold games can get the 2010 first person shooter Halo Reach Read more

Xbox One future reflects advent of a lot of new features

Categories: Gadgets, News
Xbox One future reflects advent of a lot of new features

Xbox One has ameliorated to a great extent since its inception. It has brought with it all approaches to entertain you and it provided a wide variety of flexibility in Read more

How to stream videos from your Mac to Xbox One

If you are planning to watch all your great collections of videos and movies this weekend and if you are fortunate enough to own an Xbox one then you have Read more

Halo television series

A year back Microsoft announced to produce some television series on Microsoft devices and we think time has come when Microsoft will be accomplishing it with the Halo TV series Read more