HTC might buy Nokia’s disputed India smartphone plant

HTC buying Nokia's Plants in India

Days back we informed you that Microsoft will be closing the deal to purchase Nokia's smartphone unit sometime around the opening quarter of this year and now the day is on Friday. But one smartphone manufacturing plant of Nokia in India will be excluded from the deal as it is

The New HTC One Has a High Performance Mode Just For Benchmark

HTC One M8 High Performance Mode

According to source of CNET an HTC spokesperson said that," Thank you for your email about the HTC One (M8). Benchmarking tests to determine maximum performance of CPU and GPU, and similar to the engine in a high performance sports car, our engineers optimise in certain scenarios to produce the

Review and Specifications of HTC Desire 700

HTC Desire 700

HTC Desire 700 is the latest among the Desire series, it has a new processor as the other Desire models like 501 and 601, it has a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 chipset. This device has better screen resolution as compared to 501 and 601, it has a resolution of 960

Review and Specifications of HTC Desire 601

HTC is trying out new technology rather than the stock that it uses regularly in its other devices. The most important of them being the new processor, Desire 700, Desire 501, and Desire 601 all of them receive different series of processors. This one has a Broadcom Java quad-core 1.2GHz

Review and Specifications of HTC Desire 501

HTC adds another device to its mid range segment, this time it is HTC Desire 501. HTC has announced the release of this model in Taiwan. This device has medium specifications, nothing too fancy about technology but the style statement has a lot of fancy aspects in it, it will

How to root HTC One X?


Rooting a process by which you can gain control over your android device. You can do whatever you want to, you can overclock the processor, underclock the processor, clean some memory by deleting the apps that are not needed (Provided by the vendor which do not have a delete option),

Battle Over HUES – Apple may face lawsuit threats by companies

Apple may face lawsuit threats by companies

In a bid to stand out with its new products, Apple has come up with its new line of color for the iPhone 5S – champagne. The new shade for the recently launched Apple products is said to keep them in front of competition. But reports say that Apple may