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How to Use A Facebook Messenger Bot To Set Reminders?

Facebook Messenger bot provides you customer support, or important news and stuffs. One of the utility bots that  can even remind you to do things is the Jarvis messenger bot. Read more

How To Change Chat Colors And The Emoji Shortcut in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger for web has included some simple yet interesting new features to customize individual chat heads. You can change the color of the chat and pick a different color Read more

Brazil releases Facebook Vice President of Latin America after arrested over WhatsApp dispute

Brazil is finally releasing Facebook executive who was kept in police detention for 24 hours over a dispute regarding WhatsApp message. The executive arrested is Diego Dzodan who is the Read more

Facebook print screen

Facebook is improving its existing features and adding new ones very frequently. It now prompts you to share links directly if you have copied the URL from a new tab. Read more

Is Facebook Photo Tagging a violation of user privacy?

Facebook is becoming smarter and smarter day by day and now with a humongous data base of images, it has learnt several new things and one of them is automatic Read more

How to disable the annoying chat heads of Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger app for smartphones has chat heads that pop up from time to time whenever you have a new message from a friend. If you chat with your friends Read more

How to Disable Automatic download of media files in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has enriched itself with many outstanding and secured features like the filter message requests, internet data usage etc. Another feature is the new Data and Storage feature, which, Read more

Facebook ready to introduce its new Live Video and Collages

Facebook is all set to introduce its new Live Video and collages experience to users. The feature is now on testing and has rolled out to a handful iPhone devices Read more

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledges to cut down Candy Crush notifications for users who don't want it!

If you hate Candy Crush requests in Facebook, then this article will entice you! Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently visited Indian Institute of technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) for attending Townhall Read more

Facebook's Internet.Org does not violate net neutrality, says Mark Zuckerberg

There have been thousands of questions and criticisms regarding Facebook Inc’s and the CEO of the Social Media giant Mark Zuckerberg has finally opened up his opinion. He defended Read more