Moto X3 with 5-inch display spotted online

Moto X3 with 5-inch display spotted online

The news of the probable arrival of Moto X3 handset is in the air. The information is not just a rumor but is coming straight from India's import and export database Zauba. The image shown below is the screenshot of the specifications of the devices that have arrived to Zauba

Moto G is undoubtedly the best Budget Phone to Beat

Moto G

Moto G of Motorola gained immense popularity within a short time and the most interesting feature was obviously the price it had. The price has been $179 and this project under the guidance of Google performed greatly well. The success of Moto G was so amazing that the company thought

Motorola breaks silent on Moto 360 battery confusion

Moto 360 battery issue

Yesterday we published an article informing you that a recent source reveals that Motorola smartwatch Moto 360 will actually have a 300 mAh battery whereas Motorola advertises that the watch will run on a 320 mAh battery. This created a stir among gadget lovers and the alleged fraudulence shocked many.

Moto 360 Battery is not as advertised

Smaller battery has been used in Moto 360

Moto 360 whose purchase has already begun was found to have a smaller battery than what was expected. Motorola advertised its smartwatch would have a battery of 320 mAh but it was actually found to be a bit smaller, 300 mAh. Though one of the well-designed smartwatches with a great external

Motorola beats Nokia to 4th position in smartphone market in India

Motorola beats Nokia to 4th position in smartphone market in India

If you look into the scenario of India regarding mobile phone markets, Nokia has been an all time favorite brand. From low cost hardy phones to costly multimedia sets, there's no comparison to the business Nokia did in India. But since the advent of smartphones in the market the equation