Hackers revealed a cache of 13000 passwords and credit cards

Hackers revealed a cache of 13000 passwords and credit cards

Hackers have revealed a humongous cache of 13000 passwords and credit cards information and uploaded them in a text file in the file sharing site GhostBin. The information came from a tweet by a user named Anonymous who posted the tweets on Friday stating, " A total of approximately 13k

US Government using planes to pry cellphones

US government using planes to pry cellphones

The Wall Street Journal reported that the US Government is adumbrating a plan to collect data from mobile phones of users in a single plane. The two-foot-square data gathering devices attached to Cessna airplanes are being used to extract data in order to find out criminal activities. Now a question

Samsung To Improve Knox Security With BlackBerry

Blackberry CEO, John Chen

Samsung is reportedly joining hands with Blackberry for improving its Knox security services. Blackberry is the trailblazer of enterprise-level security service and there is no doubt about this. The Korean company despite of being a rival company has extended hands to enhance an extra layer of enterprise security on its

New Level In Encryption Annoys Law Enforcement


A better encryption level in smartphones has now made difficult for the law enforcement in retrieving data from a person's smartphone which has been password enabled. Recently the news about providing an additional security was announced by Apple and Google as well. With his news a tremor was raised among

Serious Cyber Attacks coming From The U.S.

bloomberg cyber-attacks

Security threats and cyber attacks have become a matter of serious concern worldwide and looking at the global scenario China was pointed out to be the den for most of the hackers followed by Russia. But according to a survey conducted it was found that majority of the threats come

5 million Google passwords leaked, Google warns to change password

Gmail password leaked

Yesterday news came that millions of Google passwords leaked online to a Russian Bitcoin forum. The news went viral and the number of passwords tracked were as high as 5 millions. Google although states that they had no evidence of any server attack. But a typical peculiarity was seen in

LightCyber to your Rescue when your network is already hacked


The security start-up company LightCyber has the capability of discovering of intrusion in corporate network and can suggest measures to address them. The Tel Aviv-based company’s motive is to protect already hacked networks or organizations with existing security breaches. This software monitors networks and looks for irregularities in the entire

Mysterious cell towers may Intercept calls

Mysterious Cell Phone towers

Seventeen mysterious cell towers were discovered in the month of July alone which is alleged to be intercepting calls on the cell phone. This was the discovery of a company named ESD America whose product GSMK Cryptophone 500 detected those cell phone interceptors. ESD is a leading name in the