Frummo Download Manager – download manager for chrome

Frummo Download Manager - download manager for chrome

There's no question regarding Google Chrome's achievement; it has traveled a long path to turn into the most largely used web browser in the world. There are domains where the browser itself is deficient, but for pretty much everything lacking, there's an extension that does the job. If you are

How to use BitLocker in Windows 7?

How to use BitLocker in Windows 7

Windows 7 includes a lot of extra security features to help users to keep their data safe. Even without knowing your Windows password, intruders can easily gain access to files and passwords stored by Windows. The only way to protect your data is by using encryption. You can encrypt select

How to remove write protection from USB drive in windows 7?

remove write protection from USB drive in windows 7

If you get write protection error, while writing to a flash drive, i.e, The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another drive, please follow the steps mentioned below to remove write protection from USB drive in windows 7. Steps to to remove write protection from USB drive in windows

How to uninstall internet explorer 8 in windows 7?

uninstall internet explorer 8 in windows 7

A lot of Windows users out there dislike Internet Explorer enough that just using a different browser is not enough, they want it gone. Although there's not a direct path to remove it, here I will show you how to remove it completely. Steps to uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7 1.

How to Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 7?

Temporary Profile in Windows 7

Some of you might be thinking that what is a temporary profile in windows 7? You might not have encountered this ever if you are a normal user. Temporary Profile in Windows 7 means that sometimes it may happen that your operating system might not read the current profile present

How to replace system files in windows 7?

change system files in windows 7

The system files are the most important files that help in the proper functioning of the operating system. If these files are changed it might happen that your computer may not function properly. So it is always advisable not to play around with the system files. If at all you

How to Transform laptop into a wireless hotspot in Windows 7?

Everybody's got a wireless network at home, but if you've ever wanted to get your iPod touch, iPhone, or other wireless device connected. Your laptop should previously have a wireless card which should not be connected to any other network. To transform your Windows 7 laptop into a wireless hotspot,

How To make Internet Explorer 8 work faster in Windows 7?

Internet Explorer 8 is the stock browser that comes built in with Windows 7. It has many new features such as search, Accelerators, suggestions, and Web Slices, so that you can quickly get to the website you're looking for and easily keep up with every day updating sites. New updates

How to reduce latency in Windows 7?

The so-called Nagle-algorithm is enabled in Windows 7 by default and is supposed to reduce the overall network load i.e reduce latency in Windows 7. Instead of sending many smaller network packets with more protocol than user data, network drivers collect a larger amount of data in bigger packets before

How to Speed Up Internet using Google Public DNS?

Google Public DNS

Google public DNS is a DNS service which is provided by Google with a view to improve browsing experience. Domain Name System is abbreviated as DNS and it is a hierarchical distributed naming system for websites, computers and other resources connected to the internet. Its primary functionality is to translate