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Samsung Gear S

Till date there have been numerous release in the field of smartwatch but hasn’t been successful to that extent. The concept of making calls, assist you with various apps wasn’t Read more

Another rumor says HTC Android Wear watch is coming

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Another rumor says HTC Android Wear watch is coming

Rumor has spread again which says HTC Android Wear watch is coming ultimately. Few days back a rumor spread that HTC’s Android Wear watch which was scheduled to arrive soon Read more

Moto 360 battery issue

Yesterday we published an article informing you that a recent source reveals that Motorola smartwatch Moto 360 will actually have a 300 mAh battery whereas Motorola advertises that the watch Read more

Apple Watch revealed: ultimate ecstasy in a smartwatch

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Apple Watch revealed

After a lot of brouhaha about the Apple iWatch, Apple has finally announced its smartwatch along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The smartwatch which has been popularly called Read more

Apple iWatch Apps – who’s writing the apps?

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iWatch separate App Store

Apple iWatch is the most talked about news of Apple nowadays. Even though it has been speculated that the device will be launched by early 2015 but interests about iWatch Read more

HTC wearables

This year witnessed a great rise of the smart wear technology and within no time most of the top ranking tech companies offered to us a cornucopia of smartwatches and Read more

Android Wear 2.0 rumored to launch by next month

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Android Wear 2.0 coming in 15th October

Google is working rigorously at a great pace in order to push Android Wear 2.0 by the mid October of this year. The new update is expected to get some Read more

LG G Watch R to launch at IFA 2014, Berlin

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LG G watch R

The LG G Watch R is out putting an end to all the anticipations. It is a rounded Android smartwatch which will launch at the IFA 2014 held at Berlin Read more

Apple iWatch price may be 400 usd

Apple has called for a press meet on 9th September 2014 and in this intermediate phase a lot of speculations are being done on the purpose of the event. It’s Read more

iWatch Concept

Apple has been particular in maintaining privacy about the iWatch and none could peer through the walls. But now a strong source has managed to gather information that Apple iWatch Read more