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Nokia holding a mystery press release on July 28

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Nokia holding a mystery press release on July 28

Nokia’s hardware division was acquired by Microsoft two years back and since then Nokia went almost unnoticed and maintained a low profile. There were several rumors spread in between regarding Read more

HERE Maps for Android is available now, iOS version on the way

Nokia has concentrated on the amelioration of its HERE Maps after its phone division was acquired by Microsoft Corporation. Previously HERE Maps was exculsively for Nokia manufactured Windows Phone but Read more

Nokia unveils its N1 Android Tablet

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Nokia N1 Android tablet

Nokia company’s mobile phone section has been acquired by Microsoft a year back and according to the acquisition deal, Nokia cannot use its brand name until 2015. But a deal Read more

Nokia rumored to comeback with Android smartphone

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Nokia’s phone section has been acquired by Microsoft completely and during this acquisition process Nokia launched three Android sets. Nokia X as it was named, failed miserably to make a Read more

Microsoft cut down Nokia- re-branded as Microsoft Lumia

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Microsoft cut down Nokia- re-branded as Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft has long back acquired the phone business from the very famous Finnish company Nokia and had since then expresses its desire to rebrand Nokia Lumia with some other suitable Read more

Cryptography Algorithms using an old Nokia N9

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Cryptography on Nokia N9

If you have an old Nokia phone like N9, then don’t think it a useless trash. Scientists have found a way to treasure, that even an old phone can be Read more

Nokia reminds It’s not Dead Yet

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Nokia Brand will be there

The news that Microsoft is planning to phase off NOKIA brand name from all its devices in the coming months was evident after it purchased the Finnish brand at 3.2 Read more

Nokia HERE Maps coming for Samsung Devices

Nokia HERE has been a spectacular app that every smartphone manufacturer has craved for. HERE Maps are coming to Android devices, especially for Samsung models and at present this is Read more

Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the most trending topic of the month and it’s soaring high all over the world. We have seen CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Read more

Steve Balmer purchases basketball team Los Angeles Clippers for $ 2billion

Ex-Microsoft CEO made a sumptuous investment in the sports field by purchasing National Basketball Association’s team, Los Angeles Clippers. After months delay the deal finally overcame its legal bindings and Read more