Does The Society Respond To Mental Illness As They Should?

Mental illness is the most relevant health issue at present times. Owing to the enormous work pressure, emotional ups and downs and last, but not the least, environmental pollution, health have taken a backseat. While we are worried about physical health topics and we do everything needful to maintain our body fit, we neglect

Foods That Help You Relieve Stress And Anxiety

One of the most common problems for many people, these days, is anxiety. Anxiety can come from work, from family, and from any type of stress. It often leads to major depressive disorders which might require medication as its treatment. But in this article, we are going to suggest 6

Is your kid a phone-addict?

youtube kids

s. Almost of the population is addicted to smartphones and there is nothing they can do about it. Some of them are addicted to playing games while others are addicted to social media sites, both the addictions are quite common not only in adults but also in kids these days.

10 DIY Ways to “Fix” Indoor Air Quality


Many people know that air pollution is a problem. But what many don’t know is that indoor air pollution is often more problematic than outdoor air pollution. If you think that you’ll end up saving yourself by staying indoors, you’re mistaken. Especially if you stay home practically 24/7, you need to check your air quality indoors. If it’s harmful

Why A Fat Wallet Causes Back Pain ?

fat wallet

According to the American chiropractic association, around 31 million Americans experience low back pain at some point in their life. Around 84 percent of the world population also experience the form of pain in life. The commonest cause of this pain, which is generally overlooked, is the large bulky wallet

10 Ways To Develop Problem Solving Skills

In our daily life, we are raided by numerous problems. These problems make you feel depressed, dejected and disheartened. So, if you don’t want to be tensed or stressed regarding the problems of your life, you need to develop problem solving skills in order to solve them. Here are 10

10 Activities To Boost Your Memory


The brain is the most powerful organ of the central nervous system among all vertebrates and invertebrates. The function of the brain is beyond our imagination, yet, to simplify, the most important function of the brain is to act as the centralized controller and coordinator of all organs of our body. The brain manages

Understanding the Psychology of Online Shopping

online shopping

The psychology of the behavior of the consumer is an interesting field of study. This is pretty well understood at present times by people who are market-savvy in regards to the conventional retail sales. When you apply the principles of psychology to the behavior of the consumer to online sales has

Indoor Air Pollution: A Growing Menace


Whenever someone speaks of air pollution, we generally refer to the exterior part of it that is environmental air pollution and rarely to the indoor air pollution. The following are some of the sources of indoor air pollution: Cigarette Smoke: The most common sources of indoor air pollution are these residual gas and particles from cigarette

Detox Foot Pads: Myths Busted

detox foot pad

Detox foot pads have been in the news since few months. The pads claim to drag out the toxins from your body and make you a healthier person. You can find detox pads in almost every online retail websites. These pads are getting sold like hot cakes. In this article, we have collected

What Is Microblading Of Eyebrows?


Makeup has now reached a new zenith with the accompanying techniques and technologies. Makeup technology and cosmetic surgery are breaking records one after the other and achieving new milestones everyday. While in present day makeup trend, eyebrows have got a special place. People are going crazy over dark eyebrows, colored eyebrows