Bill Gates speak about BitCoin, Microsoft CEO Nadella and MS Office

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a man of substance in all spheres be it business or carrying out extensive benevolent activities. The pioneer of Microsoft, the pivotal figure behind Windows operating system which is an inseparable part of our lives, Gates is known for his sky kissing achievement and yet the

Microsoft and Google to expand market in Favelas


The dirt roads and twists and turn of Brazil’s Favelas generally discourage most of the outsiders from taking a tour in these places. However these places houses nearly 1.5 million of the citizens of the country. It has been in news that Google and Microsoft have both been seen mapping

Apple uses Windows XP in their testing labs

Apple uses windows xp

Even when Microsoft has removed support from Windows XP, Apple is still using this decade old version of Windows operating system and not OS X. Apple has been held at gunpoint of sarcasm and severely vituperated for iPhone 6 Plus bending. Even though Apple clarified that only 9 customers out

Xbox One’s Exclusive Game: Sunset OverDrive

Overdrive sunset

Microsoft has posted a trailer for their upcoming live action game on Xbox One, Sunset OverDrive which they claim to be the best trailer of its kind to have been made for a video game. The four minute something video basically depicts behind the scene incidents during the making of

2100 Microsoft Employees Lose Their Job

Microsoft employees lose their job

The second wave of job cuts which was expected to take place on 18th October has took place. As a result of this, Microsoft announced the layoffs of 2100 of its employees. This reduction of resources is in accordance to a previous announcement that Microsoft had made which was to

Microsoft to acquire Minecraft’s Mojang AB for $ 2 billion

Microsoft may buy minecraft

The biggest news of today is the speculations that whirled in the media stating Microsoft to acquire Minecraft's Mojang AB for a whopping price. Microsoft has always a envisaged a resplendent gaming experience and has done everything to provide its users the same. When Mojang Studios of Minecraft fame approached

Siri vs Cortana- Which one is better?

Siri vs Cortana

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri was long dominating the market until it has got a rival from the software giant, Microsoft, i.e., Cortana. In some of the researches done by Microsoft, it has picked up various fields in which Cortana outsmarts Siri in many ways. The following articles illuminates the substancial

Internet Explorer usage jumps unlike Chrome in August 2014

Internet Explorer Usage Increased

Netmarketshare is a website that draws a statistical analysis of internet browser usage every month and for August 2014, Internet Explorer usage jumped whereas the performance usage of Chrome browser decreased. In July 2014, the usage share of the top three browsers were found to be: Internet Explorer (58.01%), Google

Microsoft seems to be interested in Android mod Cyanogenmod

Microsoft shows interest to Cyanogenmod

Cyanogen is a custom OS which can be installed in your device as a build. The Android modification Cyanogenmod is already popular and alluring a considerable number of users. Hence, looking at the fame it gained from Android modification, other big companies are looking forward to a great future

Microsoft refused mail access of overseas users to US Government

Microsoft refused court order

Microsoft again spurned the United States Court order of giving access to mails of overseas clients to the US Government. On 31st July, chief Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. District Court, Manhatten, gave this verdict on rules of emails but Microsoft seems to be nonchalant and determined to not

Microsoft deferred revenue of worth $30 billion, says US

Microsoft US Tax

Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world and it has been greatly doing various benevolent activities besides carrying on the titanic business of technology and products. But an allegation recently made on the company has left many of us dumbfounded. Microsoft is defying a whopping amount of

Steve Balmer purchases basketball team Los Angeles Clippers for $ 2billion

Steve Balmer purchases basketball team Los Angeles Clippers for $ 2billion

Ex-Microsoft CEO made a sumptuous investment in the sports field by purchasing National Basketball Association's team, Los Angeles Clippers. After months delay the deal finally overcame its legal bindings and came under the ownership of Balmer. Donald Sterling, the former owner was not willing to sell the team and his

Microsoft releases SNIPP3T app; exclusive to iOS for now

SNIPP3T by Microsoft

Microsoft and Apple are rivals in smartphone and computer platform but when it comes to applications, Microsoft has always given priority to Apple. Microsoft has launched a new app known as SNIPP3T. This application is powered by Bing and the app has been made available to iTunes app store. So