Halo 5: Guardians Teaser revealed

Halo 5: Guardians Teaser revealed

Recently the countdown clock on the Halo 5: Guardians teaser Tumblr, 'Hunt the Truth' was revealed which goes on to show the marketing strategy for the upcoming sci-fi shooter in the form of what seems to be an alternate reality game of sorts. However, after the teaser for a "Halo

Xbox One’s Exclusive Game: Sunset OverDrive

Overdrive sunset

Microsoft has posted a trailer for their upcoming live action game on Xbox One, Sunset OverDrive which they claim to be the best trailer of its kind to have been made for a video game. The four minute something video basically depicts behind the scene incidents during the making of

Angry Birds Transformers: Robots in disguise

Angry Birds Transformers

The latest addition from Rovio, Angry Birds Transformers, is all set to be released on October 15th and is a result of its collaboration with Hasbro, one of the popular entertainment brands in the world. As a result of this tie-up, this release will bring along a toy line from

Xbox One future reflects advent of a lot of new features

Xbox One future reflects advent of a lot of new features

Xbox One has ameliorated to a great extent since its inception. It has brought with it all approaches to entertain you and it provided a wide variety of flexibility in prize and features. Starting from being a full fledged gaming console with all the stuffs to a $400 model sans

How to stream videos from your Mac to Xbox One?

How to stream videos from your Mac to Xbox One

If you are planning to watch all your great collections of videos and movies this weekend and if you are fortunate enough to own an Xbox one then you have golden combination. You can stream these videos using and Xbox One. You just have to follow some simple steps.

Lionel Messi to be featured in FIFA 15 cover: says EA Sports

FIFA 15 EA sports

After a lot of excitement, brouhaha and emotions for a month, the FIFA World Cup comes to an end with Germany winning the cup over Argentina. But it seems that its result has not affected a bit of Messi's popularity and the love the world has for him. The Argentine

EA blames a ‘system error’ that charged $5 for demos

EA blames

FIFA is a very popular game among game lovers but recently this game also suffered a system error. Xbox One usere found out that the EA game demos appeared as paid versions whereas in general these demo versions were available for free. This was another WTF moment for gamers who